The Deep Sea News team is hard at work creating new resources that the community at large might find of use.

吉林快3So you want to be a marine (or deep sea) biologist? Read some articles we’ve written in the past about our careers and the state of the field:


In collaboration with the team from , we published a book chapter in the forthcoming text Environmental Leadership. Enclosed below is a pdf copy of a preprint of the chapter. We hope you find is of use!

Thaler, A.D., K.A. Zelnio, A. Freitag, R. MacPherson, D. Shiffman, H. Bik, M.C. Goldstein, C. McClain (In Press). Digital Environmentalism: Tools and strategies for the evolving online ecosystem. In D. Gallagher (ed.) Environmental Leadership: A Reference Handbook. SAGE Reference ().

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